Zoo trip!

Blackpool Zoo on PhotoPeach

To learn more about animals in the rainforest we took a trip to Blackpool zoo. We had a talk about the structure of the rainforest and what the climate is like there, we even got to hold a giant cockroach! We saw the penguins being fed and lots of different types of animals! What part did you like the best? Which was your favourite animal?

Felt Jellyfish!

FAB – Felt workshop on PhotoPeach

For ‘FAB week’ our class were lucky enough to have a visitor come in and teach us how to make felt jellyfish! She also showed us how to make plain felt more exciting by adding different materials to it, putting bubble wrap and water over the top and rubbing it for about 5 minutes. We have designed and made an ‘under the water’ themed felt picture which you will hopefully be able to see up on the wall in school very soon!

Help from Year 4 at Green End Primary School!

Last week I gave Y2b a maths problem which they found quite tricky. When I visited a year 4 class at Green End Primary School, the children sent a video message asking for their help. What do you think year 4? Are you up for the challenge of helping year 2?

Great fire of London Assembly & bread making

Great Fire of London Assembly and Bread Making on PhotoPeach

A big well done to everyone for performing so brilliantly in our class assembly! To finish our Great Fire topic we baked some delicious bread just like the bread they baked in 1666 on Pudding Lane!

Literacy 2 week Homework

As part of writing our own information booklet in class about the Great Fire of London I want you to design a front cover and write a blurb for your book.

This is a two week project using your writing and ICT skills. I won’t send any maths homework in these weeks.

You will need to think carefully about what needs to be included on your front cover:
– Title
– Author
– Pictures

On your blurb you will need to explain what the reader will find out about inside your book without giving anything away!

I want you to try and email your work (you may need to ask Mum, Dad or whoever is at home with you to help) to me so I can easily print it off ready. Email me at: j.brownhill@brookburn.manchester.sch.uk

Good luck!
Miss Brownhill

A local author comes to visit and World Book Day!

World Book Day and Local Author Visit! on PhotoPeach

We were lucky enough to have the author and illustrator of ‘The Boy who really, really, really likes lizards’ come and visit it us for the day.  He showed us how he got his ideas for the story and all the drawings he had done when he was at the Manchester Museum!  It made me really, really, really want to visit the museum to see all the snakes and lizards!  Which animal did you decide to be on your drawing?

Everybody did a fantastic job at dressing up for World Book Day! Well done!

The great fire of London at Staircase House

We had a fantastic day out at Staircase House. I think the staff were pleasantly surprised at how much we already knew about the Great Fire of London! However, we managed to learn even more from all the great activities – even about the rats and the plague that were around at that time.

My favourite activity was seeing children dressed up as Samuel Pepys, king Charles II, maids and soliders! I would love to hear what you enjoyed most about the day!

Staircase House part 1 on PhotoPeach

Staircase House part 2 on PhotoPeach

Space Discovery

Today, just as we were about to start our lessons Mrs Madden came running in to tell us about the loud noise and what she had seen. Have a look to see what we found and what we did.

Space Craft Discovery on PhotoPeach

After finding what we believe to be alien eggs we decided to be kind and carefully take care of them. Before we removed them from the ground Miss Jopling and Miss Brownhill gave us the challenge of building a home that we thought would be suitable. We have left them tonight in their new homes and will be will checking over the next few days to see what happens…

DIY SOS: Alien homes on PhotoPeach

A Christmas Recipe

A big well done to everyone in Year 1 and 2 for such a successful Christmas production!  Everyone did a fantastic job and people keep saying how memorable the songs are!   We would love to hear any thoughts/comments on what you thought about our production ‘A Christmas Recipe’!

Super Hero Day!

Super Hero Day on PhotoPeach

Everybody has made such a big effort with their hero costumes for children in need.  We hope you enjoy looking at all of the hero’s in Y2b!